We help middle-market companies save big money

Business insurance that helps you

prevent injuries

manage them if they occur

get rewarded financially for being safe

Expert management to reduce claims to the lowest level

Get fast results from an integrated safety solution that really works

Earn as much as 50% dividends for good performance


Stop paying for overpriced insurance with unpredictable increases and premium swings

Stop wasting time and money by going out to bid on cheap insurance

Stop spinning your wheels trying to lower claims only to see them get out of control anyway

We believe you deserve an alternative to traditional worker's comp that will improve your safety culture and reward you financially.

Improve safety   

Reduce claims 

Earn dividends 


Improve Your Safety Culture and Get Financial Rewards

Increase morale, productivity, and profits


We help middle-market companies save big money

You've worked hard to make your workplace safe but still feel taken advantage of by an overpriced system.


With over 40 years of experience, we're the only broker in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to making sure safe companies like yours get rewarded through Performance-Based Insurance.


Avoid outrageous subsidies and sudden and unpredictable rate increases

Business insurance doesn't have to be so complicated.

Performance-Based Insurance works.

Here's how to make it work for you.

1. Schedule a qualifying call

Help us understand your business goals, management philosophy, risk tolerance, and any challenges you face. 

2. Select your customized solution


We'll work alongside you to design a comprehensive solution along with a clear strategy to get you there.

3. Enjoy a safer workplace and financial rewards


Owning your risk means owning your destiny. Save millions, earn dividends, and never go out to bid again.


Long known for innovation, TriPoint has been at the forefront introducing safety, HR consulting and Injury Management services to middle-market companies of all types. TriPoint is a national leader in Performance Based Insurance, which pays dividends to companies who have strong safety cultures and control their losses.



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