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About TriPoint

TriPoint has established itself as a national leader in providing Performance Based Insurance™ solutions.

Performance Based Insurance, more commonly known as PBI, provides an opportunity for a business to earn money back in the form of a dividend on their premium. The amount of the dividend is based on the “performance” or claim levels of the insured company. Well-performing companies can earn as much as a 40-50% dividend. PBI is an amazing insurance solution for the right companies.

Originally established in 1917, TriPoint provides a variety of traditional and non-traditional insurance products to middle-market clients ranging from 50 to 5,000 employees. Our emphasis is on PBI but we also have strong expertise in any industry where workers comp is the core product. TriPoint means Risk Management + Injury Management = Financial Rewards. Whether PBI or traditional products, our goal is to get you the Financial Rewards.

PBI products are at the forefront of new insurance ideas for the middle market. Thousands of companies across the U. S. are switching to PBI and thousands more will follow. It’s a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. It’s not right for every company but it could be right for you.

Leadership Team

Robert Phelan


Bob has been leading his company at the edge of innovation for a long time. He was named one of “The 25 Most Innovative Agents in America” in 2005. He introduced the concept of Performance Based Insurance and has been recognized as a “Power Broker” three times.

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Doran K. Lamond


Doran has designed, marketed and serviced domestic and global insurance programs for an extensive range of industries. Areas of expertise include structuring loss sensitive programs, implementing contractual risk transfer strategies, negotiating terms, and analyzing coverage and policy forms.

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Awards & Recognition

TriPoint and its employees have received recognition and awards for industry thought leadership, expertise, innovation and client satisfaction.


Come Work at TriPoint

TriPoint is a cool place to work. Not only is the physical space inspiring, but the team is talented and we never stop learning from each other. Our clients are best in class and the product/service combination we deliver to them is one of a kind. With regular work at home hours and a pet friendly office, you have flexibility within your workday. If you enjoy a challenge and like having fun, you’ll like TriPoint.

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Outstanding Health & Dental Coverage

Along with a very high employer contribution to premium, benefits also include Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability as well as voluntary life and disability insurance and eye care.

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Team Activities

Over the past few years these have included a company-wide wellness program, Friday afternoon parties at local pubs & restaurants and fun runs.

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401k Plan

We offer three retirement plans that all include generous employer contributions. We have a long list of investment options all managed and provided by a major national insurance carrier and employees can also be advised by a retirement counselor.

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Paid Vacation Time

Employees are provided a specified amount of time annually based on hire dates, and provided with the flexibility to use it however they please. In addition, we have a holiday schedule and Flex Time.




There is an outstanding fitness center a mile from our office, a rail trail even closer where you can walk/bike for miles in either direction, and for those interested, the Farmington River close by is trout fishing as good as you will find in the Northeast. We’re also a dog-friendly workplace with Gunnar and Teagan as regular guests.