Industries We Serve

TriPoint customizes insurance and risk management solutions and strategies to protect the financial strength of clients in many industries, including but not limited to:

For over 40 years, TriPoint has successfully managed risks, prevented losses and performed Injury Management for major construction companies working throughout the Northeast. Many of them are ENR 100 in their specialty. Our primary goal is to design for them a Performance Based Insurance Program. Our longest term construction clients have saved millions in these programs. We believe that the safest contractors should earn the highest financial rewards (10-50%) and we show them how to do this.

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the nursing home industry is the third most dangerous industry in the U.S. This surprises many people but it’s all due to the injuries related to lifting and moving patients. TriPoint has access to the most effective patient lifting training in the industry, as well as Injury Management to get injured employees back to work quickly. For those SNF/ALF chains (10 or more facilities) with a strong safety culture, we can design a Performance Based Insurance program that returns an annual dividend of 10-50%.

Wholesalers have a significant workers comp exposure due to the over-the-road/trucking operations as well as material handling/lifting. These operations can produce significant injuries and a good wholesaler must have a strong safety culture to minimize the cost of workplace injuries. Safe wholesalers are an ideal candidate for Performance Based Insurance (PBI). We can provide the tools to improve your results and help you earn Financial Rewards through PBI. These financial reward dividends can range from 10-50%.

Manufacturing has become highly automated which has automatically reduced injury rates in the typical plant. However, there can still be hazardous operations and there can still be material handling and trucking. We have a long history of serving the manufacturing industry for both domestic and foreign operations. Some of our largest clients fall in this category. A manufacturer with low loss levels can hit a home run with a Performance Based Insurance (PBI) program. Manufacturers all over the country use PBI to reduce insurance costs. We can design just the right PBI solution for your company. Successful PBI programs can give you the potential to earn annual dividends ranging from 10-50%.

What Our Clients Say

The Cost of Ignorance

A riveting novella by business insurance veteran Robert Phelan. It punctures confusing insurance jargon and introduces a powerful new concept for middle market companies: a little-known form of insurance known as Performance-Based Insurance™ (PBI) costs less and can save a company millions of dollars over time.

The Cost of Ignorance by Robert Phelan