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Here’s a Powerful Tool to Save on Business Insurance: Ask Questions

Insurance isn’t fun. It’s one of business’s necessary evils you hope you never need to use. That’s why most CEOs and CFOs tend to avoid thinking about it. After setting up a plan, they’re locked in and lull themselves into comfortable contentment. They tolerate an annual review, listen to their broker boast about how they are controlling costs, and live with it.

That’s a huge mistake

Companies can save themselves lots of money with one simple tactic: ask questions. Because when you do, you can find ways to save yourself millions. Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Do you know there are proven insurance alternatives that can save you up to 50% compared to the tired insurance plans you’ve been settling for?

  • Do you know that your record as a safe company qualifies you to get out of the insurance rut?

  • Do you know that almost all forms of commercial/business insurance can pay dividends of as much as 40 – 50%

The Answer Is Performance Based Insurance (PBI)

PBI saves millions for companies with a history of safe operations. It’s a smart business tool America’s successful large companies have been using for years – employing a proven protection plan that turns insurance premiums into profit. When you start questioning the status quo and treating insurance as a business opportunity instead of a necessary evil, you can profit from business-changing savings.