By: tripointins On: July 21, 2016 In: Performance Based Insurance

Join industry expert and author Bob Phelan as he discusses how and why companies like yours are saving millions of dollars using Performance Based insurance instead of subsidy based insurance. Subsidy Based Insurance (SBI) is traditional insurance coverage where the carrier keeps about 35% of the premium. Performance Based insurance (PBI) returns these lost premiums to the participating companies and guarantees owners and executives know which companies are included in their risk pool. PBI often results in savings of 25% to 50% over traditional insurance plans, and offers companies greater control and visibility over their insurance programs. Topics in this complimentary webinar include.

  • Definitions of SBI and PBI plans
  • Coverage Elements & Best Practices
  • Subsidy Based vs. Performance Based
  • The Role of Safety with PBI
  • How to Control Premium Swings
  • Average Savings by Company Profile

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