By: tripointins On: July 21, 2015 In: Performance Based Insurance

Join author and industry expert Bob Phelan as he explains why middle market companies can and should evaluate the potential impact of Performance Based Insurance (Captives, Group Captives, Self Insurance, etc.) on their 2015 renewal. Many New England middle market businesses are now leveraging this model, controlling their own insurance destiny and saving 25% to 50% on their premiums. There are no tricks or gimmicks when it comes to Performance Based Insurance, all of the Fortune 500 use this type of insurance. Topics covered in this brief, educational webinar include:

  • What process is used to evaluate Performance Based Insurance
  • Captives, large deductible plans and Performance Based Insurance
  • Why are premium swings controllable
  • What type of Northeast US companies are using Performance Based Insurance

Who should watch: Owners, CEOs, CFOs facing total premiums of $150K or more per year

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